The Best Of Swing Out Sister

スウィング・アウト・シスター「The Best Of Swing Out Sister」


“If I could run away
Hide away
Forget the way I feel



Swing Out Sister「The Best Of Swing Out Sister」

Music that suits the atmosphere anytime, anywhere is great.
But I think that music that we want to listen to at a limited time and place is just as great.

“If I could run away
Hide away
Forget the way I feel”

For me, their songs plaied on Sunday evening.
If you have a daily life that you don’t like…

・1996年発売 ベストアルバム
・“Now You’re Not Here”(あなたにいてほしい)はドラマ「真昼の月」主題歌として日本で大ヒット
・今日もどこかで彼らの音がかかる その街はきっと明るくなる

1. Now You’re Not Here (Original Single Mix)
2. Breakout
3. Am I the Same Girl
4. You on My Mind
5. Twilight World [Edit]
6. Where in the World
7. La-La (Means I Love You) [U.K. Edit With Guitar]
8. Ordinary People
9. Get in Touch With Yourself
10. Surrender
11. Heaven Only Knows
12. Better Make It Better [Edit]
13. Notgonnachange [O’Duffy’s 7″ Single]
14. Fooled by a Smile
15. Waiting Game
16. Forever Blue

「Am I the Same Girl」

027 <<ティーンエイジ・ファンクラブ「Man-Made」
029 >>ベック「Midnite Vultures」


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