Over The Counter Culture

ジ・オーディナリー・ボーイズ「Over The Counter Culture」



The Ordinary Boys「Over The Counter Culture」

Even though they are particular about sound and fashion (such as Fred Perry’s appearance when they play),
Had been there any problem with the artwork of this album? I had thoght.
What was drawn there was a calf.
However, I am glad that this photograph was able to be taken thanks to that.

【Work Information】
・2004年発売 1stアルバム
・バンド名はモリッシーの曲名に由来 , スティーヴン・ストリート プロデュース ,「Little Bitch」はThe Specialsのカバー

【Track Listing】
1. Over The Counter Culture
2. The List Goes On
3. Week In Week Out
4. Talk Talk Talk
5. Little Bitch
6. Settle Down
7. Weekend Revolution
8. Maybe Someday
9. Just a Song
10. Seaside
11. In Awe of the Awful
12. Robots and Monkeys

【First listen to this song】
「Over The Counter Culture」
「Little Bitch」

056 <<ディジー・ミズ・リジー「Dizzy Mizz Lizzy」
058 >>フランツ・フェルディナンド「Always Ascending」


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