Waste Of Mind

ゼブラヘッド「Waste Of Mind」

「こっちにおいで 」彼らのセクシーな頭(かしら)が呼びかけるも



Zebrahead「Waste Of Mind」

“Come here” Their sexy head calls.
But the zebras just go back and forth (between right and left).

On the other hand,
She regretted that came to here with such a dress.

【Work Information】

【Track Listing】
1. Check
2. Get Back
3. The Real Me
4. Someday
5. Waste Of Mind
6. Feel This Way
7. Walk Away
8. Big Shot
9. Swing
10. Jag Off
11. Time
12. Move On
13. Fly Daze
14. Bootylicious Vinyl

【First listen to this song】
「Get Back」

061 <<U2「How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb」
063 >>レッド・ホット・チリ・ペッパーズ「Mother’s Milk」


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