The Getaway

レッド・ホット・チリ・ペッパーズ「The Getaway」






Red Hot Chili Peppers「The Getaway」

Younger brother “Hey sister! I found a crow there!”

Sister “My brother, that’s …
『Bear! There is a bear!! A girl too !! Girl Ok!? ︎ Raccoon! ︎I don’t care about raccoons… It’s a bear ~ !!』
Is the correct answer”

The point to be worried about depends on the person.

※ In fact, four animals seem to show Girl = Josh, Bear = Chad, Raccoon = Flea, Crow = Anthony

・2016年発売 11thアルバム

1. The Getaway
2. Dark Necessities
3. We Turn Red
4. The Longest Wave
5. Goodbye Angels
6. Sick Love
7. Go Robot
8. Feasting on the Flowers
9. Detroit
10. This Ticonderoga
11. Encore
12. The Hunter
13. Dreams of a Samurai

「Dark Necessities」
「Go Robot」

205 <<ハンソン「Middle of Nowhere」
207 >>プレフューズ 73「Vocal Studies And Uprock Narratives」


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