Copenhagen Airport-Departure

V.A.「Copenhagen Airport-Departure」

コペンハーゲンか 遠いね



V.A.「Copenhagen Airport-Departure」

Copenhagen…is far.
I cannot believe that you’ll go to such a place.

I’ll try to see the beautiful view of the Nordic one day.


1.Via L’amour/Physics
2.I’ll Wait feat. Lenny Hamilton/Dalminjo
3.I Wish (Physics Remix)/Brice Bertrand feat. Valerie B
4.When It Breaks/Physics
5.Everytime You Go feat.Alexandra Hamned/Dalminjo
6.Soul Exp.(Soul Expedition Lounge Mix)/Baeka
7.Estrelas(Physics Que Puro Mix)/Physics
8.Come Here feat.Alexandra Homnede/Dalminjo
9.Cha-ka-too (Sunset Mix)/Hibiki Connection
10.Don’t Stop The Dance/Jet Set Inc

「Cha-ka-too (Sunset Mix)」

222 <<サンダーキャット「Drunk」
224 >>クイーン「The Game」


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