My Name Is Buddy

ライ・クーダー「My Name Is Buddy」



なぁ野良よ 君も今日から相棒だ



Ry Cooder「My Name Is Buddy」

Every time I see this little stray cat.
I was asking myself what I meant for my trivial obsession.
Perhaps on a trip that you go.
I answer myself that our little alter will follow her as well.

Hey stray cat, you are a Buddy from today.
Tell me a lot when you meet again.

Well a new year will come.
See you next year, and next.

【Work Information】
・2007年発売 赤猫バディとネズミのレフティが放浪の旅をするコンセプト作品 13thアルバム

【Track Listing】
1. Suitcase in my Hand
2. Cat and Mouse
3. Strike!
4. J. Edgar
5. Footprints in the Snow
6. Sundown Town
7. Green Dog
8. The Dying Truck Driver
9. Christmas in Southgate
10. Hank Williams
11. Red Cat Till I Die
12. Three Chords and the Truth
13. My Name is Buddy
14. One Cat, One Vote, One Beer
15. Cardboard Avenue
16. Farm Girl
17. There’s a Bright Side Somewhere

【First, listen to this song】
「Suitcase in my Hand」
「J. Edgar」

091 <<ミスター・チルドレン「It’s A Wonderful World」
093 >>サザンオールスターズ「I Am Your Singer」


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