Everything Becomes The Music

降谷建志「Everything Becomes The Music」




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KENJI FURUYA「Everything Becomes The Music」

“Everything Becomes The Music” 
The message sounds so good for us music lovers.
On the one hand, I have to think about the price I need to get what I want.

What have we sacrificed for the music?

・2015年発売 1stアルバム

1. Everything Becomes The Music
2. Angel Falls
3. Swallow Dive
4. Stairway
5. Colors
6. P Board
7. Good Shepherd
8. Wish List
9. Fabulous Town
10. Dances With Wolves
11. One Voice
12. For a Little While

「Angel Falls」
「For a Little While」

248 <<ザ・ローリング・ストーンズ「Let It Bleed」
250 >>メタリカ「The Unnamed Feeling」


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