Coast to Coast Motel

G・ラヴ&スペシャル・ソース「Coast to Coast Motel」


カセットテープに代わる あわよくばCDに代わればと1992年にソニーが開発した音楽媒体




G. Love & Special Sauce「Coast to Coast Motel」

Do you remember that there was an old music media called MD?
A media developed by Sony in 1992 to replace audio cassette tapes or CDs.
Due to the poor sound quality and the ability to record from CDs, it wasn’t widely be popular. And it was no longer released in 1999.

But the memories of the original MD that I made at that time are still in my heart. (Realism to dispose of the actual product)

・1995年発売 2ndアルバム

1. Sweet Sugar Mama
2. Leaving The City
3. Nancy
4. Kiss and Tell
5. Chains #3
6. Sometimes
7. Everybody
8. Soda Pop
9. Bye Bye Baby
10. Tomorrow Night
11. Small Fish
12. Coming Home

「Kiss and Tell」
「Bye Bye Baby」

313 <<G・ラヴ「Lemonade」
315 >>ボン・ジョヴィ「Have A Nice Day」


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