Behind Closed Doors

サンダー「Behind Closed Doors」



Thunder「Behind Closed Doors」

I think the word “British” isn’t related to Royal family or fashion, but to Rod Stewart or this band.
After all I don’t have a common sense, but it’s just thankful that there are people around me who accept me.

・1995年発売 3rdアルバム
・勢いと風格と哀愁をブレンドした英国ハードロックとはこのこと(特にRiver Of Pain)です名盤

1. Moth To The Flame
2. Fly On The Wall
3. I’ll Be Waiting
4. River Of Pain
5. Future Train
6. Till The River Runs Dry
7. Stand Up
8. Preaching From A Chair
9. Castles In The Sand
10. Too Scared To Live
11. Ball And Chain
12. It Happened In This Town

「River Of Pain」
「Moth To The Flame」

321 <<オリジナル・サウンドトラック「SPIDER-MAN 3」
323 >>B-DASH「All Time Best」


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