Are You Gonna Go My Way

レニー・クラヴィッツ「Are You Gonna Go My Way」




Lenny Kravitz「Are You Gonna Go My Way」

I first bought a Western music CD when I was in the 1st year of high school.
It was an 8cm single of this title song that was single-cut.
This guitar riff, which was playing a lot on the radio at the time, had a strong impact on young man who were enthusiastic about knowing youth.

Is this Rock N Roll?
It was this time that the “Go My Way (to freedom)” began.

・1993年発売 3rdアルバム
・アルバムは英チャートで1位 ワールドワイドな活躍のきっかけとなった表題曲は日本でも車、飲食、テレビゲーム等数多くのCMに使用され続けている

1. Are You Gonna Go My Way
2. Believe
3. Come On And Love Me
4. Heaven Help
5. Just Be A Woman
6. Is There Any Love In Your Heart
7. Black Girl
8. My Love
9. Sugar
10. Sister
11. Eleutheria

「Are You Gonna Go My Way」

038 <<ジム・オルーク「Insignificance」
040 >>ヨ・ラ・テンゴ「I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One」


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