Heaven and Hell

ブラック・サバス「Heaven and Hell」





Black Sabbath「Heaven and Hell」

Return path of lunch break. I witnessed angels talking while smoking a cigarette.

“The other day, Heaven has also become totally non-smoking.”
“Soo, I’m not uncomfortable.”
“For us, it is better to be on the ground” “that’s right” “Do you know why?”
“I don’t know” “That’s right, according to the human world”
“What, again?” “Yeah, our boss is too concerned about humans lately.”
“The Angel Resources department is noisy about compliance”
“Speaking of Angel Resources, it seems that the manager of The First Product department will be skipped”
“Hmm, where?” “Even General Affairs Department Hell Division” “Wow, hard”
“But in the old days nobody thought that Hell was merged into by ours”

Wow, heaven and hell are like that.
While thinking that it was a good thing without knowing, I was back to work again.

・1980年発売 9thアルバム

1. Neon Knights
2. Children Of The Sea
3. Lady Evil
4. Heaven And Hell
5. Wishing Well
6. Die Young
7. Walk Away
8. Lonely Is The Word

「Lady Evil」
「Die Young」

200 <<ミスター・チルドレン「DISCOVERY」
202 >>ザ・ビートルズ「LOVE」


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