The Boy with the Arab Strap

ベル・アンド・セバスチャン「The Boy with the Arab Strap」





Belle And Sebastian「The Boy with the Arab Strap」

What works for gaining knowledge?

As we read and memorize a large number of books, I can’t know how it is useful.
But I would like to have as much information as possible to talk to the person I respect.

It is gradually understood that gaining knowledge and the result of the ideal are not connected in a straight line.(It’s late)

・1998年発売 3rdアルバム

1. It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career
2. Sleep The Clock Around
3. Is It Wicked Not To Care?
4. Ease Your Feet In The Sea
5. A Summer Wasting
6. Seymour Stein
7. A Space Boy Dream
8. Dirty Dream Number Two
9. The Boy With The Arab Strap
10. Chickfactor
11. Simple Things
12. The Rollercoaster Ride

「The Boy With The Arab Strap」
「Ease Your Feet In The Sea」

229 <<ロングウェイヴ「There’s A Fire」
231 >>ザ・ラーズ「The La’s」


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