There’s A Fire

ロングウェイヴ「There’s A Fire」





Longwave「There’s A Fire」

If someone who doesn’t know the noise up until this morning ,
They may think that there are lined with cute sake bottles like the KAIYODO figure.

The octopus in the water tank that has survived yesterday is watching me.

You who I know is only a limited side.
Like this IZAKAYA at the early morning.

・2005年発売 2ndアルバム
・Stone Rosesの1stを手掛けたジョン・レッキー プロデュース

1. There’s A Fire
2. Underworld Song
3. River (Depot Song)
4. The Flood
5. Tell Me I’m Wrong
6. Heart Attack
7. Dancing In The Light
9. We’re Not Gonna Crack
10. Down In Here
11. Fall on Every Whim
12. Next Plateau
13. Underneath You Know The Names

「There’s A Fire」
「We’re Not Gonna Crack」

228 <<メタリカ「…And Justice For All」
230 >>ベル・アンド・セバスチャン「The Boy with the Arab Strap」


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