Louden Up Now

チック・チック・チック「Louden Up Now」



!!!「Louden Up Now」

It is instinct that people want to dance. Surely something that comes with the genome.
So, !!!’s jacket slips into my body & soul.

・2004年発売 2ndアルバム

1. When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Krazee
2. Pardon My Freedom
3. Dear Can
4. King’s Weed
5. Hello? Is This Thing On?
6. Shit Scheisse Merde (part 1)
7. Shit Scheisse Merde (part 2)
8. Me and Guiliani Down By the School Yard
9. Theme from Space Island
10. Shit Scheisse Merde (Instrumental)
11. Sunday 5:17 a.m.(Justin B. Remix)

「Me and Guiliani Down By the School Yard」
「Pardon My Freedom」

258 <<レニー・クラヴィッツ「5」
260 >>シュガー・マイノット「Good Thing Going -The Best Of Sugar Minott」


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