Good Thing Going -The Best Of Sugar Minott

シュガー・マイノット「Good Thing Going -The Best Of Sugar Minott」




Sugar Minott「Good Thing Going -The Best Of Sugar Minott」

What do you do for commuting to work or school? (I have few acquaintances attending school)
I often do drafts while listening to the album on this post.
Today’s early summer hilarity and his voice felt so comfortable that I was likely to go to bed.

Everybody’s voice “So what happened?”


1. Good Thing Gonig
2. The People Got To Konw
3. Never Too Young
4. I Know Them Love It
5. Ghetto-Ology
6. I Am A Man
7. In The Residence
8. Walking Through The Ghetto
9. The Right Track
10. It’s All In The Game
11. Man Hungry
12. Can’t Get Over
13. We Are Going
14. Never Gonna Give Jah Up
15. Give The People What They Want
16. Forever In Love
17. Strange Things
18. Save The Children
19. I Want You To Know
20. Africa Is The Black Man’s Home
21.Be Careful

「Good Thing Going」

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