Simply Mortified

BS 2000「Simply Mortified」



Beastie BoysにおけるBS2000は


BS 2000「Simply Mortified」

It seems to be popular nowadays that enjoy without force.
Good, relax and have fun.

Fashion brand CABaN in TOMORROWLAND
is a simple and playful deployment.

BS2000 at Beastie Boys
make a sound that is simple (too much) and (only) playful.

・2001年発売 1stアルバム
・ビースティのアドロックと元Suicidal Tendenciesのエイメリー・スミス(Dr)によるユニット

1. N.Y Is Good
2. Sick for a Reason
3. It Feels Like ?!@#?!
4. Yeah I Like BS
5. Buddy
6. Better Better
7. No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach Is In)
8. The Side to SIde
9. Extractions
10. Boogie Bored
11. Wait A Minute 
12. New Gouda
13. Save This For Davis
14. The Scrappy
15. Mr. Critic
16. Flossin at Lawson
17. Dig Deeper
18. The Dilemma
19. In The Basement
20. Dansk Party
21. Sing To Your Sink (Bonus Track)
22. The Mam Song (Bonus Track)

「N.Y Is Good」
「Yeah I Like BS」

260 <<シュガー・マイノット「Good Thing Going -The Best Of Sugar Minott」
262 >>トロ・イ・モア「Boo Boo」


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