Through the Ashes of Empires

マシーン・ヘッド「Through the Ashes of Empires」

生きよと囁く天使か それとも死へと誘う妖精か


Machine Head「Through the Ashes of Empires」

Is it a lost child to be there?
Does it mean that an angel says “living” or a fairy invites to death.
If you cannot see it it is good too.

・2003年発売 5thアルバム

1. Imperium
2. Bite the Bullet
3. Left Unfinished
4. Elegy
5. In the Presence of My Enemies
6. Days Turn Blue to Gray
7. Vim
8. Season Wither
9. All Falls Down
10. Wipe the Tears
11. Descend the Shades of Night


275 <<シュガーキューブス「Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!」
277 >>桑田佳祐「フロム イエスタデイ」


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