The Gift

ハイスタンダード「The Gift」

贈り物 あげる方ももらう方も嬉しい





The gift. Both those who give it and get it are happy.
So what do you think of the given position?
I ask the bear doll so.

“Even if it’s chosen or not, it’s lonely to leave with friends. But I ’m just happy if I can see the face that kids are Delighted.”

Bear who said such a thing at the audition venue of ToyStory.
It is the figure after his turn.

・2017年発売 5thアルバム

1. All Generations
2. The Gift
3. Can I Be Kind To You
4. Going Crazy
5. Time To Crow
6. My Girl
7. Hello My Junior
8. Big Ol’ Clock
9. We’re All Grown Up
10. Punk Rock Is The Answer
11. Pacific Sun
12. I Know You Love Me
13. Bridge Over Troubled Water
14. Free
15. Friend Song -Bonus Tracks-
16. Cabbage Surfin’ -Bonus Tracks-

「The Gift」
「Friend Song」

325 <<タキシード「Tuxedo III」
327 >>ブラー「The Magic Whip」


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