Rock And Roll Over

キッス「Rock And Roll Over」

光り輝く表の顔と 影にある努力と戦略


KISS 「Rock And Roll Over」

I think that the glitter of Ginza and that of KISS are similar..
Their brilliant ostensibly faces. And their efforts and strategies in the shadows.
There is solid entertainment there.

・1976年発売 5thアルバム

1. I Want You
2. Take Me
3. Calling Dr. Love
4. Ladies Room
5. Baby Driver
6. Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em
7. Mr. Speed
8. See You In Your Dreams
9. Hard Luck Woman
10. Makin’ Love

「I Want You」
「Hard Luck Woman」

040 <<ヨ・ラ・テンゴ「I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One」
042 >>マイク・シノダ「Post Traumatic」


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